Takeout Banani

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  • ঢাকা, 71, Road-07, Block-H, Banani, Dhaka
  • +8801710504361, +8801833131323

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  • Foodbankbd, 14 January 2017

Reviewed By : Ahmed Zafeer 8 January at 23:40 Takeout is my go to place for a burger that satisfies the appetite and the tastebud,so to start off my review,I usually go for the takeout special beef burger which in my opinion is the best one they have there,but today I decided to get some add ons,so I took an extra patty,extra cheese,extra pepperoni and extra beef bacon(ps - before getting all triggered and shooting me with retorts like ''bacon khaise beda o muslim'' or ''bacon toh halal na bhai'',kindly look up beef bacon) now as I was saying not only did this addition satisfy my hunger but it tasted so much better,especially the beef pepperoni so if your appetite is up to the challenge and you prefer large burgers,then give it a go. Taste - 10/10 Price - 300tk +180tk (for add ons) total - 480tk Location -Takeout Banani

  • Foodbankbd, 14 January 2017

Reviewed By : Jabir M. Kabir at Takeout Banani. 4 January at 22:21 · Dhaka Loving can hurt.......Loving can hurt sometimes Dear Takeout, you always have been a sweetheart ever since you opened but seeing how you have reduced the size of your burgers and quantity of fries really hurts. I don't mind paying a few extra bucks but would never expect you to compromise with quality and quantity. -A Takeout Lover