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  • ঢাকা, Plot - 6, Block - SW(I), Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan - 1, 1212

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  • FB Verified Review, 1 February 2017

Reviewed by Faria Samreen Nizam Mayeen 18 hrs So, I'm a big fan of Coldstone's peanut butter cup perfection ice cream , and usually that's what I stick to eating each time I am there, but the other day a few friends and I went to Coldstone and we shared this waffle which was oozing with bananas and chocolate sauce. Thought I would share, that ordering something different turned out in my favor as it was pretty good. The wafers were hot, thin and crispy unlike other places I've tried in Dhaka. And the spoonful of ice cream I had with each waffle bite, made the experience complete. The service was spot on too! Kudos to Coldstone. I think it was well priced at 375 or something, can't completely recall.

  • FB Verified Review, 13 February 2017

Reviewed By: Maleka Moon 14 hrs · Dhaka Place COLD STONE Mouthwatering delicious iceream and dessert as i love sweet food Choclate devotion 345 tk Donut icecream same prize French toast with maple syrup 400 nt sure Taste 10/10000 Far bttr than other icecream parlors Really enjoyed every food

  • FB Verified Review, 15 February 2017

‎Reviewed By: Umama Ifat Tonni‎ to FoodBank November 21, 2016 · Place : Cold Stone Price: 9/10 Service: 8/10 Taste: 10/10 I knew their ice cream was always best, was not sure about the food. Yesterday saw a review on fish meal of this place, so went there today, and the Food