9 Alachi

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  • ঢাকা, Shyamoli Square Market Food Court 1207 Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 01674-752557

9 Alachi

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  • FB Verified Review, 1 February 2017

Reviewed By:Wâris Müktasid Khan Hrïdul January 30 at 7:39pm Place: 9 Alachi, Shaymoli Square.. Price:220tk Food Quality :8.5/10 Enough food for an empty stomach. Ami University thekw class sesh kore khete gesilam with a great hunger. It fulfilled my hunger totally.. 1.Chicken Fried Rice 2.Beef chili 3.Thai Soup 4.Chicken curry 5.Chinese vegetable 6.Green sauce 7.Salad 8.Doi 9.Sofr Drinks. Chicken curry ta ektu kom fresh chilo as ami bikal er por gesi. But without that everything was good. Doi er quantity ektu beshi e kom chilo.