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Taj Tehari Ghar

  • 1 review
  • Dhaka, House # 4, Green Road, Green Corner

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  • FB Verified Review, 8 February 2017

Reviewed by Meer HM 10 September 2015 Place: Taj Tehari Ghar Address: House # 4, Green Road, Green Corner Service: Prompt Price: 10 Taste: Good Here’s what intrigued me about this place: # It’s a Tehari place that sells Dal Puri and Jilapi like there’s no tomorrow. # Everyone seems to order Dal Puri and Jilapi together. # The Puris were 10 tk a piece, fresh and fluffy. # The Jilapis were sold by the weight (250 gm for 50 tk), crispy, juicy, and small. # No one asks about Tehari, and the owners don’t care about that either. # The restaurant claims, every item is made fresh or based on homemade recipe. Quite possibly, since there’s a one storied building attached to this place. All in all a decent hangout place. But mostly for the locals!