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North East University

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  • Sylhet, Talihaor, Sheikhghat Sylhet
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North East University

The present world has been passing through inevitable but irreversible process of globalization. Bangladesh is a member of the world village and has been struggling for survival facing challenges in the fields of economic, social, political, environmental, human resource development and so on. For making the nation capable of facing the challenges, the present Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh pursuing a Vision-2021 has very aptly emphasized on the expansion of higher education of quality throughout the country. The Government has given approval to North East University Bangladesh in Sylhet. Sylhet region is known nationally and internationally as the Holy Land of Awlias. Sylhet is known for its natural beauty and resources. Sylhet has embraced the qualities of the north viz the culture and technologies of the developed nations, and blended successfully with the oriental rich cultural traditions.

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