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Kumarapara, Slhet
Kumarapara, Slhet
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Sylhet, Kumarapara, Slhet
Welcome to Rongin.syl! Choose from a wide selection of our sarees hand picked directly from the weavers across Bangladesh & India. Whether you are looking for a Kanchipuram sari or an Uppada sari or a Bandhani sari... you have come to the right place. India Sari House offers a wide selection of saris for special occasions- wedding saris, bridal saris, saris for festive occasions, party saris and more. To enhance the beauty of the sari you choose, we offer you a pick of over 150 designs for custom-made blouses. And to make sari easy and fun to wear anytime, we offer you pre-stitched saris. Put on your custom-made blouse, slip on your pre-stitched sari. In minutes you are ready to grab the world’s attention.

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